5th and Last Day of Bible Club :(

I love the village. You get to see all sorts of animals. 

 These young geese were all sitting in that water puddle 
until I came and then made a quick dash to the side of the road.

Sheep! Where is the camera?!

The kids learned all 10 commandments this week.
Here they are trying to put them in order.

We ended with 13 kids from the village and 19 in all!
Please pray as we follow up on these children.

Throughout the week, the children earned paper money as they answered questions correctly, games, memory verses, homework craft, and for being faithful. Today they were allowed to spend there money they earned at this little store :)  They loved it and had so much fun!

Here, Vosia is showing me what his sister
 bought for him at the store. 

After the morning session, the ones that wanted to stay, played water volleyball.
They loved getting wet! Here, Caleb is getting soaked :)

Then all the children met back at 5:00 for a horse and buggy ride. 
They stopped and picked up ice cream on the way back :)

Then was the bond-fire and Smores!

Lots of singing, then Tony gave the gospel :)

Heading home
We had a fabulous day!

Please pray of Nidonovka and the ministry here!

Fourth Day of Bible Club!!!

I don't see how it can get any better! And there's one more day left!

Igor answered a question right, so he is trying for 
some more points!

Thanks to our wonderful cooks, 
we had the best meals this week!

Who's going to get the ball first and get 
the basket, team yellow or team blue?
Yes, team Yellow got it!

Shooo, Glad that balloon did bust!

Yellow and Green against Blue and Red
One was winning, then the other, then the other. 
Down to the last balloon toss and this one 
was worth 5 points. Either one could win, it was a tie at this point!
They tossed it back and forth, tension was rising.....
And splat! 400 points to the Yellow and Green team!!!!

Please continue praying as we wrap up Bible Club tomorrow. 
Lots of big things planned for the last day

3rd Day of Bible Club!!!

Another Fun Filled Day! 

The kids before it all began.

Wonderful teaching today. The kids listened very well.

Learning the 10 Commandments this week
 and what they mean :)

Vosia, He's a cutie pie! 

The Yellow team trying to put the Bible Verse
 together before the other teams!

Kids love getting wet :)

And getting others wet :)

And when the kids leave for the day, the big kids play! 

2nd Day of Bible Club!!!

Today was a low day for kids, since 3 doctors came to town and wanted to go ahead and do school shots and checkups for all the kids. So, all the kids were at the village hospital. :(   But we did have 3 from the village return and we had a great time with them!

Tony (my hubby) making balloons to decorate with.
What a beautiful flower! When he was done, it had leaves also :)

Mesha is listening to Igor say his Memory Verse.

The kids did great answering questions from yesterday!

This was so cute, I had to include it.
Here is Slava's son Samuel helping his daddy and Marc!
(He couldn't play but he was adorable trying.)

Alona getting a clothes pin for her team!

First Day of Bible Club!!!

We had a wonderful group come down from Limansk, Ukraine to help us put on our very first Bible Club in Nidonivka (the village we minister in on Saturdays). It has been such a blessing to have them here with us!
What a great first day we had today! We had so much fun!

Thank you guys for serving our Lord  :)

We had a total of 10 children come from the village! 
Of those 10 children, only 2 had come on previous Saturdays. 
(2 are missing from the picture, they came later)

We had four teams, GREEN is in the lead today!

With team work, the Blue team just got a box over their line!