I have so much to share, that I’m not sure how to start. Starting is always the difficult thing for me, but once I start, the words start to flow. So here goes… The beginning of January we took a group of about 15 to the nursing home that we visit weekly to sing Christmas carols. We went to each room on 3 different floors and gave each one a small treat and a gospel tract. In one of these rooms a lady began to cry while we were singing. We told her that we come there every Saturday and asked if she would like for us to come visit her as well. She was very excited about it and said she would love for us to come. During this time at the nursing home, the Lord spoke to several of our church people about ministering to these people. My heart was blessed beyond measure when 13 people volunteered the following service to have a part in our nursing home ministry. I was plum excited! So, for the last 2 weeks we have been able to visit in 4 different rooms. There are about 5 to 6 people in each room. Last week we had a lady make a profession of faith and when we returned this week, we found that she had passed away. Praise the Lord, that we had the workers last week when she needed to hear the Gospel. This week we had another profession of faith. This lady is 92 years old. Please pray for this ministry as we reach out to those who need our Savior and His love. There are those who are noticing that we come there every week. We had an older gentleman stop a couple of our ladies from our church and asked them what we do when we come, since he had noticed that we had been coming every week. The young lady told him that we come and visit several of the rooms and tell Bible lessons and sing and fellowship and asked him if he would like for someone to come visit him in his room. He said that he would love that. So here is another door that the Lord has opened for us. Isn’t God good! I am so excited about what the Lord is doing. Please pray as we prepare to have a lesson on how to lead a soul to Christ. A few of our volunteers come from a Russian Baptist background and are having a difficult time knowing when a person is under conviction and ready to repent. Praise the Lord for their desire to learn and to serve. Please pray also that the workers will be Spirit filled and know when someone understands and is ready to receive Christ.

Tony and I will be leaving the country again as our 3 months are up. We will be flying to Poland and spending a couple days with some dear missionary friends. The next time we leave will be the end of April which we will all be going back to the states on furlough for four months. Please pray for Tony as he is scheduling some time with our supporting churches and family and friends.

The kids are all doing well. They are working really hard trying to get their school work done before we leave on furlough. There are days I wonder if there is life outside of this classroom. Ha ha

We have been enjoying the pretty white snow the last couple of days but not enjoying the cold temperatures. We thought yesterday was cold at -17 C (1F) but as I write this update, the thermometer reads –27 C (-17 F). Now that is COLD! We are thanking the Lord tonight for a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in.