Harvest Sunday

Harvest Sunday is the day that we set aside to Thank God for the Harvest that He has given to us. Everyone in the church brings in many fruits and vegetables, along with nuts and flowers to decorate the church. 

I would say that Harvest Sunday would be the closest to what we call Thanksgiving in the US. 

(Mom & Tamie, Do you notice anything in this picture? - Thank you for your giving heart, 
and making our church that much more beautiful!)

God blessed our service with 15 visitors! 7 people left before we had a chance to get a group picture but here we are! :) I'm behind the camera ;) There were a couple of our families that were unable to come today. You were Missed!

After Sunday is over we load up all the Harvest and take it to those who are in need of it. This year we took ours to one of the orphanages here. 

Thank you ladies for all your hard work in decorating the church!  You did a fantastic job!

Our Classroom

Welcome to our classroom!

I have been homeschooling our children since Marc (our first) was in 1st Grade. We had been doing school at the kitchen table for years until about 7 years ago. At that point we moved into this house and Praise to the Lord, it had a smaller room right across from the kitchen and bathroom. Perfect!
As you can tell, we painted the classroom in two different colors. Yes, this may seem a bit different, but what better place to have fun with your wall colors then in your classroom. I chose these colors because light blue helps with understanding and Light green helps with creativity!

This is where the children keep all the necessary books of theirs for school. They each have a shelf. The cabinet that has the door is where we keep the school books for the other grades that we are not using at the moment. I use to keep them in boxes for years, but this makes switching school books out from year to year a whole lot easier!

Here is our white board. As you can see we have many things written on it at the moment. We have our prayer list of the special prayer requests that people have asked us to pray about, we have the "trouble box" in the corner where their name goes if they do something wrong. Then a little reminder in the center, "1) Bible? 2) Jobs? 3) School -  Our children must be in the classroom by 8:30 each morning, but they must complete their personal devotions with the Lord and their jobs before school begins.

Here is Joshua's little 12th grade corner. At this time, he is watching his Speech class. Oh, how he loves this class! He has got the best teacher! If we hear him laughing during school, you can pretty much guarantee that he is watching Speech. 

Now, this is Caleb doing 8th grade. He is watching his Bible class, first class of the day. Our children so enjoy the Abeka Program. It has been a sacrifice but it has been so worth it! It is so exciting to see our children come to the supper table and anxious to share what they have learned in school that day.

This is my desk in the corner with Anna's desk in front of me. This year I am teaching Anna. She needed more one on one time. She is really making progress!
Over on the side is where I keep all my books for school. :)
Where is Anna, you may ask? Well, normally this is where you would find her doing her school but today she's sick. :(  So....

You will find her in her room. She is redeeming the time, and reading her book report book. "You make her do school while she is sick?" ha ha  No, she loves to read. Right now she is reading about Knute Rockne. He was an all American football player and coach at the University of Notre Dame. 

Well, this ends the tour of our classroom. Hope you enjoyed your stay!