We had such a wonderful day at the nursing home on Saturday. Thought I would share some pictures of our visit.

Marfa and I
This day we were celebrating Zoya's birthday and I brought a cake. Marfa cannot move, but very little. She must have someone to feed her. I did not want her to miss out on the birthday cake! She loved it! Please pray for Marfa's salvation. We have shared the gospel with her one day and she said "later".

Katya and Joshua with Zoya
Please pray for Zoya's salvation. Katya feels that she is very close to making a decision for Christ.

Marc and Igor with Grandma Masha.
One day she was telling us that we shouldn't ever touch her hands or her bed because she has germs and she does not want to make any of us sick. She said she wants to make sure that she does not do anything bad. Please pray that she will realize that salvation is through Christ alone, not works!

Marc and Joshua singing. Nadegda loves to sing along. What a blessing this lady has been to my heart!

Lena and Zoya
Please pray for Zoya's salvation. She is the hardest
one in our room. :(
But she knows we love her. :)