Harvest Sunday

Harvest Sunday is the day that we set aside to Thank God for the Harvest that He has given to us. Everyone in the church brings in many fruits and vegetables, along with nuts and flowers to decorate the church. 

I would say that Harvest Sunday would be the closest to what we call Thanksgiving in the US. 

(Mom & Tamie, Do you notice anything in this picture? - Thank you for your giving heart, 
and making our church that much more beautiful!)

God blessed our service with 15 visitors! 7 people left before we had a chance to get a group picture but here we are! :) I'm behind the camera ;) There were a couple of our families that were unable to come today. You were Missed!

After Sunday is over we load up all the Harvest and take it to those who are in need of it. This year we took ours to one of the orphanages here. 

Thank you ladies for all your hard work in decorating the church!  You did a fantastic job!


  1. Beautiful!
    Great looking group of people. How exciting to have 15 visitors.

    Your new background looks nice. I love fall!

  2. Wow, that's a great crowd! Our Harvest Sunday is in two weeks, praying for a good crowd. I'm so thankful that there are missionaries doing the work all around the world.