Fourth Day of Bible Club!!!

I don't see how it can get any better! And there's one more day left!

Igor answered a question right, so he is trying for 
some more points!

Thanks to our wonderful cooks, 
we had the best meals this week!

Who's going to get the ball first and get 
the basket, team yellow or team blue?
Yes, team Yellow got it!

Shooo, Glad that balloon did bust!

Yellow and Green against Blue and Red
One was winning, then the other, then the other. 
Down to the last balloon toss and this one 
was worth 5 points. Either one could win, it was a tie at this point!
They tossed it back and forth, tension was rising.....
And splat! 400 points to the Yellow and Green team!!!!

Please continue praying as we wrap up Bible Club tomorrow. 
Lots of big things planned for the last day

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