Happy 16th Birthday Marc!
You've reached this wonderful milestone in your life!

Marc's birthday was split up a bit since his birthday landed on Wednesday this year. We had a wonderful day of school to start out with! ha ha Then we had a great time together that evening after our church service. Every year for their birthday I ask the kids what kind of cake and dinner they would like. This year was no surprise when Marc asked for Lasagna and Brownies instead of a cake.

Marc blowing out his 16 candles on his brownies :)

Then on Friday we let him invite all of his friends to go horseback riding! What a beautiful day the Lord gave us. They were all so excited. For most of them, this was the first time ever to ride a horse. I found out later that it had been a dream for a few of them. They all did wonderful and had so much fun. 


Since we were such a big group, we had to go in two different groups. Joshua and I ended up with the same horse. The one that they said liked to GO :) Had to hold him back a few times, but it was a lot of fun.
 (Thank you Bro. and Mrs. Childers for the horseback riding lessons while we were in the states. It sure did come in handy!)













Well, after having the time of our lives on horseback, we loaded up in the van and headed to the house for Shosh-leak which Tony and Caleb were kind enough to be fixing, while we were gone. 

"Thank you for making my birthday party so cool. I love you bunches!" Marc


  1. So glad Marc had such a special day. And, so glad that you are making his last few birthdays at home so BIG! Way to go, Mom!

  2. Happy Birthday, Marc! I LOVE the choice of meal. Mmmm! Probably one of my favorites too. Sounds like it was a great day, even if you didn't get the day off from school. ;)