Христос воскрес!  ---  Воистину воскрес!
this means...
Christ has Risen!  ---  Indeed He has Risen!

On Easter here in Ukraine, you will not hear your normal everyday greetings from people. On Easter you will here the words "Christ has Risen!, and in return to this greeting, you would reply "Indeed He has Risen!". After the greeting, you would greet them with three kisses, on one cheek, then the other, then back to the other cheek. 
I am so blessed to be able to serve a Risen Savior!
  "He is not here: for he is risen, as he said..."  Matthew 28:6

We had a wonderful Easter service. We started our Easter Sunday out by having a Sun Rise Service at 7:00am. Then after the early morning service we had a wonderful Breakfast together, thanks to a couple ladies in the church that helped me prepare the meal. The men then had their normal Sunday Prayer together which followed by a Special Service by our guest speaker Bro. Eugene Kozachenko. We were blessed to have him come to our church to do an Easter Seder. 

The Table set up for the Seder

Bro. Eugene Kozachenko showing us what the Jews do.

We were also blessed with a Men's Trio.

I'm sorry that I cannot show you the original special with all three of them. The video did not turn out very well, so I asked Marc and Joshua to sing it again for me at home. 

Translation of the song:

A teardrop fell on hot sand
Blood dried on the cheeks.
Midday sun as a red flower
Seemed to stop at it's highest point.

Armor rattled, swords clanged
Glittering in the scorching sun.
Loudly laughing the butchers were mocking at
The Lamb who hung on the tree.

Only the Almighty Father
Could give His Son to be sacrificed
Such Love is indeed incomprehensible
For fathers' hearts.

When He loved, He wasn't loved,
When He forgave, they cursed Him.
He didn't pay them back for the evil they did
Including those who were crucifying Him.

The blood was shed for all humanity
By infinitely priceless value.
Calvary rose up above a sinful world
And was made, was made the center of the universe.

After the services  were over, we went home to spend some family time together.

The boys playing basketball.

Anna in her daddy's coat :)

Tony preparing the shosh-leak. (shosh-leak is seasoned meat cooked over smoke) Yummy!

Roxie checking out the meat. "Please, can I have some?"

And while the meat was cooking, yes, we had roasted marsh mellows. 
(It is Resurrection Day, What if Jesus came back before we got to the marsh mellows? ha ha)
The marsh mellows were sent by Grandma Rouse! 
Thanks Grandma!

Mmmmmm.... Must get all the marsh mellow off :)


Flowers blooming 

And had to end our Wonderful Day with popcorn!!!

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  1. Great report, Dawn! Praise the Lord we serve a risen Savior!

    BTW, your basketball court looks GREAT. So glad you have that now for those teenage boys in your home. :) They are going to have an amazing summer...