OK, yes it has taken me almost 3 years to finish my "Family Quilt". But I am a busy woman! :)  I was sitting working on my quilt one day and my oldest son said to me, "Mommy, are you going to have that done in order to give it to Anna for a wedding present?" ha ha  OK, my daughter is 11 years old. Well, lets just say that Marc encouraged me to get it done. :) So I decided to work on it every Saturday until it was finished. I am so excited! It's complete!

I look forward to the many memories we are going to make while using this quilt such as snuggling up in it while reading a book together or curling up to watch a movie as a family!  

I have several people I want to Thank. :)
My Mamachka for going with me and helping me pick out the fabric and then taking me to lunch. I love our special times we get to spend together. :)
To my Grandma for helping me organize those colors so they wouldn't all be the same. :)
My oldest son Marc for encouraging me to finish it. ;) Love you sweetie.
And finally to my family, Thank you guys for being so patient while waiting for me to finish. :)
Love you all so very much!!!


  1. Lovely! Happy for you!! I know how good it feels to finally finish a long term project! I have so many of those myself...just waiting to be completed. Want to send Marc here to encourage me? :) May you make many memories together beneath the warmth of your new quilt.
    ♥ Mercedes

    1. I will make sure I bring him with us in June so he can encourage you too. :) Can't wait to see you!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Dawn!!! What an accomplishment. No doubt this will be a special treature for your family.

  3. Beautiful, Dawn!! Good job! ~Anna

  4. Yay, Dawn! I remember you starting this... You did great and it looks so cozy and fun. What a great feeling to see the task accomplished!