I am asking everyone to please pray for our kids in the village. Nine of the Eleven girls that come to our Saturday Bible Club have come down with Tuberculosis. Two of the girls (Lena and Tonya) have been sent to the hospital along with Tonya's mother and grandmother who have it also. We are planning on checking on them on a regular basis so I will try to keep you updated. 

Last night we were marveling in God's goodness. We were suppose to go to the village Saturday for our weekly Bible Club but were not able to go due to our car breaking down and had to take it into the shop on Friday. :(  We didn't look at that as a good thing and were disappointed but as we got the call about the girls, we thanked our good Lord for protecting us!
Give thanks in all things! For you never know what God might be protecting you from!


  1. Isn't that just how the Lord works? He turns our disappointments into reasons to thank Him later! Praying for those girls...

  2. Dawn, it is our privilege to pray in agreement with you for all of the girls in the village who have come down with TB, particularly the two who've been taken to hospital.